March 18, 2010

Scheduling Creativity...

I'm a LOT overwhelmed these last few weeks. Although I tend to be pretty organized and get things done... the addition of caring for my grandparents at dinner and bedtime has tweaked my world enough to put me in a tail spin. I actually succumbed and got a cellphone (it's been ten years). It reminds me of everything I have on the calendar - of course you have to make sure and add it to the calendar to get the reminder... this is a brutal lesson when you start missing and forgetting important things because your brain has been ground up, smashed into a pattie and baked on high heat! HA!

So this post is about how to be TOO busy and still do the creative things that make life worth living. :)

A. Learn to say no... I'm quite miserable at this! My motto that only works part of the time, "Just because I can does not mean I should!"
B. But also learn to say yes... sometimes it's important to stretch ourselves and do the hard thing. Adding my grandparents is hard but definitely not something to pass on... they are precious to our lives and definitely more important that 7 pm yoga.

1. WRITE everything down... whether you put it in a gadget to beep at you or write it on a calendar, it's your only tool to not completely lose your mind.
2. But also check what you wrote... you can have a million sticky notes or Abba's greatest hits jingling away on your phone (while it's dead, lost or off) and none of it will help if you don't check it everyday.

~ Schedule in personal time... without my creative time I get a little edgy (ask the sweet husband). I have not been able to do anything in the studio for about a week and well it shows.
* But also don't forget that it's not all about you... although I need the arts & crafts to feel good, it's not the center of everyone's world so I have to be sensitive to how things are going with the fam before I "sneak" off to lock myself away. I know I have been "self pickling" too much when my mother shows up at my glass door and tells me it's time to come join the family. ;)

As you can read... there is a tightrope to life although I believe it to be impossible to truly acquire balance I have to at least try!

Yea... I'm off to finish a new pattern, here is the sneak peak!

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Happy Creating!

~ Gabrielle @ i.craft


Lanie said...

Love the bag Gabrielle, and the advice is wonderful. This is one of the things I am struggling with. I have been trying to spend less time on the computer too. It is a time waster for me, time that could be spent creating something beautiful! :)

Joanne said...

Hang in there! All of your advice is too true!

Jane said...

Well said. Caring for parents, grandparents, children... can overwhelm. I agree that you still need to schedule time for creativity. It will keep you sane.

Julie said...

I am truly starting to learn that creativity is so important to schedule and recently had a discussion with my husband about it! Keeps me happy!

Ron Cooper said...


I know how important it is for caregivers to get respite. I and my siblings cared for Mom, who died in October 12 years after having been diagnosed with Alzheimer's.

I hope your self-care projects move forward!

I’m following your nice family blog on Google Friends Connect, and am your latest Friday Follower. I would appreciate a follow-back on GFC and/or Networked Blogs!


Amy said...

Hang in there! And I can't wait to see you - I did pass by your house yesterday. Caught a glimpse of Paul. So we're getting closer ... I'm sure of it ... :)

Marie-Jolie said...

Looking good! I love the new blog clean-up, too. :) Cute bag!! (Why can't we just be neighbors so that we can just co-craft our way through life?)