March 14, 2010

I Love Paper Crafting

I needed a break from the sewing machine today. My oldest daughter was making her birthday thank you cards therefore I decided to get into the action and do some fun projects I have been accumulating in my head. I also want to highlight a couple of great paper crafters you'll love.

Our button sorting on Friday was the cause of all this inspiration. I love buttons but especially vintage buttons. I had been given several old tea jars so we decided that all of our buttons could have their own jar. As the sorting came to an end I was left with the button cards, I really did not want to throw them away so the creative wheels started turning and we came up with these great cards...

After I removed the old buttons I just made paper buttons to glue to the fronts of each card. Voila!

I was visiting A Forest Frolic last week and her wonderful gift tags mixed with the button sorting,  inspired this next project. Make sure and check out Jamie's site... it's full of whimsy and magic... I simply adore it! Her etsy store is really fabulous as well!

My other favorite genius with paper is Joanne over at Ready Set Craft!  take a look at her craft studio makeover as well... it's beautiful! And if you love stamps make sure and check out her store!

Here is how to make your own. I used oilcloth scraps because well I have oilcloth scraps coming out of my ears. :) Can I mail some to anyone???

Step One: Supplies

Step Two: I made little paper buttons with a 3/4" paper punch and a tiny hole punch to make it look like a button. Mark on your tag where the button holes should go and punch through the tag. Set the grommets to hold this portion together.

Step Three: Thread a yarn, string or floss through the holes and tie it off with a full knot. Leave the knotted section at the back of the tag. Glue the backing pieces over the knot and the grommet back, this completes the tag nicely. Put under a book to keep flat until it dries.

Super cute tags from scraps to use on gifts or to give a set as a gift. Have fun!!

~ Gabrielle


Jane said...

Very cute idea! Thanks!

A Forest Frolic said...

Oh I love oil cloth...really cute tags! Aaaaand thank you for all of your sweet words about my shop and paper goodies ;) I love vintage buttons too, yippeee...

Jamie :)

Joanne said...

Super cute! What a great way to use up your scraps, too! Thanks for the shout out love! :)

Chrissy said...

Making some late Friday Follow rounds! :o) Love your blog!


Crafty Girls Workshop said...

Cool tags, I LOVE them! You can send me some oil cloth scraps. I'm going to e-mail you my address.Have a wonderPEARfilled day.

Bobbie said...

Super cute! I host a link party called check me out saturdays. I hope you can join us

erin said...

those are just perfect! What a great use of scraps... this is something I could do with my little girl too. Thanks!