February 12, 2014

One Year Later

We have added a bakery to our shops! My oldest daughter is the owner and operator of Boise's Bakery. It's AWESOME!

Happy Making!

February 21, 2013

Local Shopping

Until owning my business I really never thought about local shopping. My lack of sensitivity to supporting small businesses was not from dislike but oblivion. When I started Bee Wise in 2007 I began to read and research ways to make my small business contribution have a lasting effect. As a mom of four kids that we have home educated their entire lives I wanted their legacy to include paying attention to the small and local, to be aware of how to strengthen the community and how to care about where things are made. I believe this creed... join me and support your local economy and community.

Happy Creating!


We have a local non profit that promotes this creed, here is ours:

Your communtity probably has one too, but if not START ONE!!

February 9, 2013

Head Red and Blondi: February Kids Photo Contest | Hearts!

Head Red and Blondi: February Kids Photo Contest | Hearts!: Hello everyone! For the past few weeks we have been collecting all sorts of heart photos, specifically for this months contest!   ...

February 8, 2013

Read this BOOK!

I have read thousands of books over the years and probably at least 100 of them have been centered around business. I counted how many I actually own (yes I'm a counter) and I have 75, "how to improve/start/grow your business" books on my bookshelves. Guess what... this one is the best! I had reserved that designation for Mommy Millionaire (which is still fabulous) until I finished Handmade To Sell in about 3 1/2 hours after getting it from the library. Two chapters in I ordered a copy to keep on the bookshelf. :) 

I actually have a revolving checkout thing going with all my books, so they get lots of reading, don't think I'm a book hoarder... well since moving my studio and discovering that I am in fact a "many things" hoarder, I probably can count books in there too. 

ANYWAY...all this to write, "READ THIS BOOK" if you have a business, are thinking about starting a business or simply make a few things and sell them on the side, this book will greatly improve the process!

I have been doing all the year end dealings at Bee Wise Goods and this particular book has given me a new heading for the year to come.  It's very exciting, thank you Hello Craft for sharing your point of view and truly walking the walk!

Happy Making!

January 15, 2013

Changes Abound!

As an all around creative person I tend to over-imagine, dream, plan and often times commit to my future or that of anyone who appears to be willing to enter into my insane world. Over the years it has become crystal clear to me that although I prefer to work alone on a particular task... I am in reality a group motivated person who thrives on collaboration. Since few people want to take on my level of activity or drive, I rarely find a collaborator that can align themselves with me for more than a season before moving on to other less strenuous tasks... hahaheehee hoho - the funny farm we go! 

For years I have been compiling ideas and dreams to publish. (dreaming big, right?) That goal had been put on a back burner so far away I didn't even know it was still simmering. Since opening a brick and mortar store almost a year ago my time has been spent stabilizing it, producing inventory and fulfilling orders. 

But, recently a grand scheme has been boiling over...which has awakened me to a soul deep desire to publish a book full of creative goodness! In waltzes my funny, talented and ever so sweet cousin Amy, yes I am sure she waltzes! Oh did I mention...she is a writer? Collaboration is in the air and we are trying to create a legitimate way to hang together and do something super rewarding! oh and crafty too.

What does this mean for BWG? Everything will remain the same but I will be much more present online, in SM and newsletter writing as well as keeping the blogs updated too. See you soon in the shop or online!

Happy Creating!